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When asked to explain hard drive recovery, Pittsburgh digital forensics investigators defined it as “retrieving deleted or inaccessible data from a damaged hard drive.” The data may be inaccessible due to a computer virus or software problem, a mechanical or electrical malfunction, or even a deliberate human act. Clients have a lot of questions when it comes to hard drive recovery services in Pittsburgh, and today we address a few of the most common ones.

Understanding Hard Drive Recovery – Pittsburgh

Q: Can my data be recovered?

This is generally the first question we are asked. While we won’t know for certain until examining the hard drive, the answer is usually yes. Hard drives suffer mechanical failures just like any other machine. If your hard drive begins to make strange noises (ticking, clicking, grinding, humming or buzzing) you should not continue powering the drive. Running a hard drive that is experiencing mechanical failure only causes further damage and can lead to permanent data loss. If your data has been lost due to a software problem, the odds of a Pittsburgh hard drive recovery specialist retrieving the data are also very good.

There are some instances where the hard drive is damaged to the point that data recovery is not possible. Usually, this happens when the read/write heads “crash” and gouge the magnetic storage media so severely the data is destroyed. Many times this happens when the user attempts to operate the drive after failure, often while trying to use recovery software. (We will discuss recovery software later on.)

Q: Is recovering data from a laptop different than recovering it from a desktop?

While the general recovery process is the same, it does require a different set of tools since the hard drives are smaller. In either case, the technician will repair any physical damage in order to re-establish access to data and treat any file corruption. The physical size of the hard drive doesn’t necessarily affect the chances of a successful recovery in the hands of a skilled Pittsburgh hard drive recovery specialist.

Q: How do you restore access to my files?

This will vary from case to case, depending on the cause of the data loss. Typically the process involves repairing or replacing any damaged hard drive components (such as the read/write heads and the actuator arm assembly). Our experts then create a forensic copy of the hard drive and perform software recovery on this copy, thus preserving the original hard drive.

Q: Why can’t I just use hard drive recovery software to fix my system?

These commercial software programs often cause more problems than they solve. If you are attempting to recover files you accidentally deleted, you could potentially overwrite your data while installing the recovery software! Furthermore, software cannot fix a physical issue. As we mentioned in the first question, operating a physically damaged hard drive can lead to irreversible damage and data loss. If you need hard drive recovery in Pittsburgh, it is a much better idea to call an expert than to trust a mindless program.

Data Recovery Services from Precise

At Precise, our digital forensics experts work with you to quickly and carefully identify, forensically collect, analyze, report, and present the digital evidence that is relevant for your case. We offer a full array of data recovery services, as well as digital forensics packages for our most commonly requested services. These include:

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