Deleted data recovery

In our modern society, uncovering the truth often involves deleted data recovery. Smart employees know to hold on to receipts and get everything in writing. This way, should something go awry, they can prove they are free of blame. This same principle applies to all aspects of life: fail to write down a confirmation number and you’ll have a hard time proving you actually paid your bill on time.

But this desire to cover your back and avoid blame or punishment can also cause otherwise honest people to behave in less-than-honorable ways. The seeming-transience of data makes it tempting to just delete it and pretend it never happened. Why no, I didn’t get that email about the mandatory meeting! And I didn’t get my wife’s text about stopping to pick up milk, either.

That’s where deleted data recovery comes in. From mobile devices to company servers, Precise’s digital forensic specialists can uncover data that appears to be lost. For expert hard drive recovery, Philadelphia has been turning to Precise since 2000.

Deleted Data Recovery: From Collection to Trial

The first step of deleted data recovery is preservation. When drafting your preservation letter, be sure to get specific. A request for “everything electronic” is almost certain to be denied. Not only does it appear as a fishing expedition, it is unduly burdensome and will create staggering amounts of unnecessary data. Your preservation request should be targeted and specific: asking for a full physical forensic image of a hard drive will give you access to deleted data on a computer. For mobile devices, you will need to request logical, file system, and physical images, depending on the device. Our digital forensics experts can help you determine what images are necessary to get full access to data.

Once our digital forensics team has the images, they can begin collecting data. These collections should be performed by an independent third-party and not your staff to avoid conflicts of interest. Additionally, you want to choose a company experienced in legal deleted data recovery. There are specific protocols and procedures that must be followed to avoid spoliation and potential evidence being thrown out.

Next, the digital forensic examiner will analyze the data. Pulling together metadata, deleted data, and residual data, they can piece together the puzzle left behind by the user. Even a physically damaged hard drive can often yield usable results to an experienced investigator.

Finally, your evidence is ready to be presented in court. Our digital forensics team is available to provide expert testimony to back up their findings. Our experts know how to translate technical jargon into something easy for jurors to comprehend and retain.

Precise: Deleted Data Recovery Experts

If you have any questions about hard drive recovery, Pittsburgh based Precise is here to help. Call us today at 866-277-3247 and let us help you uncover the deleted data crucial to your case.