Computer forensic expert witness

With technology becoming a ubiquitous part of our society, electronic evidence is playing an increasingly large role at trial. Whether it’s a traffic accident, malpractice case, or intellectual property dispute, electronic evidence could be the “smoking gun” of your case. This evidence must be gathered by a certified computer forensics examiner, who can observe all proper eDiscovery procedures and protocols, preserve and analyze the data, and testify as to its veracity and the authenticity of the process used to gather it. A computer forensics expert witness can also be a powerful ally in the courtroom by helping jurors understand the importance and implications of your electronic evidence.

A Computer Forensics Expert Witness Helps You Prepare for Trial

Preparing for trial can often feel like an elaborate juggling act: reviewing evidence, overseeing the production of trial exhibits, interviewing witnesses, preparing depositions – the list goes on. An experienced computer forensics examiner can help ease some of the burden by overseeing the electronic evidence aspects of your case.

When it comes to computer forensics, Pittsburgh attorneys turn to Precise for superior forensic examinations and pre-trial support. Precise’s computer forensics experts:

  • Help pare down electronic information to only that which is relevant to your case
  • Accurately preserve data to protect the integrity of the evidence and avoid spoliation
  • Inform case strategy and narrative by uncovering pertinent data
  • Restore and/or recover deleted files and other “hidden” data
  • Assist with wording of deposition questions for IT personnel
  • Give an impartial examination of the case, drawing results and conclusions based on evidence rather than preconceived notions

Providing Expert Testimony at Trial

When presenting evidence to a jury – electronic or otherwise – it is crucial to have expert testimony to back up said evidence. That is why our computer forensics examiners also offer expert testimony, either in court or through deposition, to explain how they analyzed the evidence and report on their findings. Furthermore, our computer forensic expert witnesses:

  • Have the skills and experience necessary to explain technical concepts in laymen’s terms as well as present electronic evidence in a clear and comprehensible manner
  • Are well versed in the laws, rules, and protocols that govern eDiscovery and digital forensic examinations
  • Can provide a clear chain of custody for any electronic evidence presented

Computer Forensics Expert Witnesses from Precise

From pre-trial support to expert testimony at trial, Precise’s team of computer forensic experts are available to help you at every stage of your case. If you need a computer forensic expert witness for your case, call Precise today at 866-277-3247.