You already know that compelling graphics and animation are an integral part of a winning courtroom presentation strategy. But did you know that incorporating digital media delivers additional benefits besides supporting your evidence with quality images and video?

In a nutshell, digital presentations allow you to adapt how you communicate with jurors in real-time. Instead of having to rely on static exhibits, you can adjust your delivery depending on the situation.

Here are four examples:

  1. Call up documents on demand: Gone are the days of having to read to the court from a piece of paper that no one can see and hope that everyone is following along. Instead, you can display a document and zoom, highlight, and interact for maximum comprehension and engagement.  
  2. Impeach witnesses: It’s not uncommon for witnesses to change their testimony, giving you the option to impeach their statements by reading what they said in previous testimony. A potentially more impactful approach is to show the differing testimony on a screen or play it back in audio or video format.
  3. Real-time response: With case documents organized digitally, the components of your presentation are not static or rigid. Video clips, exhibits, and demonstratives may be selected, displayed, and annotated on-the-fly.
  4. Travel lightly: You don’t have to carry loads of boxes and binders with the documents you need for trial. Instead, files are stored digitally on a laptop.

Precise can help you harness the power of the technology for your next case. We welcome you to schedule a consultation to learn more.

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