Remote data collection

When it comes to remote data collection, many companies hesitate to hire a third party service. After all, they argue, their IT department is familiar with their systems and capable of downloading data. While this is true, it is important to understand that there is more to data collection than simply downloading the data to another device. Here are 5 reasons why you should always outsource remote data collection to an experienced third party service.

Remote Data Collection Considerations

  1. Chain of custody documentation – For corporate IT professionals, gathering data for legal matters takes up less than 5% of their work activities. They are not trained in the court protocols and procedures that oversee data collection, and therefore do not know how to properly document chain of custody for the data. For professional forensic examiners, establishing a clear chain of custody is second nature. Careful documentation is crucial to the integrity and defensibility of the data.
  2. Defensibility – This is arguably the most important reason to choose an experienced third party forensic examiner. Their workflows and processes are designed to carefully and accurately gather data without risk of compromise or spoliation. Furthermore, they can be called upon as expert witnesses to explain and defend their collection methods.
  3. Consultation – With years of experience collecting data, forensic examiners can help you identify all potentially relevant sources of data, including some that are not readily apparent. They can also point out potentially costly and time-consuming issues and offer solutions.
  4. Priority service – A company’s IT team is already tasked with the daily demands of the business. A data collection request is time-sensitive and must be handled at once, regardless of other pressing matters. Choosing a third party remote data collection service both ensures your data will be collected promptly and minimizes disruptions to your business.
  5. Tools – Data collection, especially remote data collection, requires a specific set of tools that are not typically found in the average IT professional’s arsenal. The tools must be proper and scientifically reproducible. The documentation must also be accurate enough that two independent forensic examiners can derive the same results.

For Remote Data Collection, Trust the Professionals

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