Though there’s a science to compiling a demand package, there’s also an art to the craft. When executed with skill and precision, a settlement video can equate to a more favorable settlement for your client.

Effective settlement videos combine the most compelling evidence in a way that tells a client’s story. Whether the goal is to tug on the heartstrings or present facts that require interpretation, you’ll want a video team which has the skill and experience to pull it all together for you.

Documentary-style settlement videos may include some or all of the following:

  • Documents: You have the option to zoom in or highlight the most pertinent details.
  • Photographs: A series of pictures provide realism and indisputable evidence.
  • Home-movie clips: A human element, especially a “day in the life” capture demonstrates a compelling “before and after” snapshot.
  • Interviews: Hearing testimony distilled down to the important details can be powerful in arguing your case.
  • Animations: An animated clip can illustrate a complex timeline or situation that is difficult to describe in words or static images.
  • Certified Medical Illustrations: Accurate visual representations of medical conditions and surgical procedures facilitate interpretation of the issues at the center of your case.

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