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Other Precise solutions our clients have come to rely upon, including eDiscovery, digital forensics, and Predict™ services, will continue as previously provided. For inquiries related to non-trial services, please get in touch with us at

Video for Litigation

Use Video to Your Advantage

The best litigation graphics arrest the audience’s attention and engage them completely for maximum retention of information. In the age of endless digital distractions, no litigation graphics achieve this as well as video. When it’s a must that the audience remembers the facts, videos bring them to life for the most memorable and effective delivery.

Since 2000, Precise has provided a comprehensive array of video production services to the legal community to help law firms and corporate legal teams prepare for and respond to litigation quickly and completely. Our specially trained video services staff offers professional video production services to provide critical visual components for your case with an array of impressive legal videography strategies. Guided by our experienced trial consultants, our videographers craft informative, engaging clips and presentations on message and on time.

Video for Depositions

Video depositions, interactive deps and use of web conferencing when needed.

Video for Demand

Settlement videos and day-in-the-life videos can be your most powerful pre-trial tools.

Specialty Video

Take the jury to the scene with drone footage, surveillance video, and more.

Remote Depositions

When conducting a deposition in person is not possible, web-based video conferencing is a cost-efficient alternative which eliminates the hassle of travel, and clearly displays video and exhibits. With an Internet-connected device with video capabilities such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, meeting participants will be up and running, regardless of their location. To watch a quick demonstration of a remote deposition, click on our short video below.

Interactive Depositions

Precise integrates trial presentation and video deposition services to provide paperless, picture-in-picture high-definition video depositions. Our interactives allow for a more dynamic and efficient manner of conducting depositions and allows the witness to annotate and interact with the exhibits via touch-sensitive monitor.

Video for Demand

Video services to support your settlement negotiations.

“I used Precise to prepare a comprehensive video presentation in a complex case. Given the current situation, everything had to be done remotely, including witness interviews and interacting with the Precise production personnel in every aspect of the video graphics. I was pleasantly surprised at how seamless and effective the video can be produced remotely. There was no difference than doing it with live interaction and, in fact, sometimes it was more efficient.”

Andrew R. Spirt

Partner, Golomb & Honik

Settlement Videos

We offer three settlement video packages to suit your needs. From succinct visual narratives to more comprehensive, turn-key deliverables, settlement videos are ideal for opposing counsel to review well before mediation or trial.

Day-in-the-Life Videos

Our Day-in-the-Life videos are powerful presentations that effectively demonstrate injuries and explain the damages involved with a case.

“Day-in-the-life videos can be very, very effective. It’s one thing to hear it from the person who’s injured, but with the day-in-the-life videos, we’re hearing it from their closest family, their friends…from people who don’t have an interest in the case and a lot of times, their testimony is even more powerful than the person who’s been catastrophically injured.”

Clancy Boylan

Attorney, Morgan & Morgan

Specialty Video

In addition to our high-definition Interactive Video Depositions and synching/clipping services, Precise offers the following:


Surveillance Video Processing

Surveillance video can make or break a case, though it’s often a challenge to view and present. We can enlarge, brighten, sharpen and enhance surveillance videos, blur subjects and export still frames. We can also convert to user-friendly formats, including mp4 and mpeg.

Subject/Perspective Videos

Our videos can help viewers understand and appreciate the perspective of witnesses, including drivers, pedestrians, and bystanders. We can pair video with Google maps and satellite views to orient the scene.

Drone/Aerial Video

Our drone can capture high-definition aerial video and photographs with ideal wide views and hard-to-reach places. Drone video/photos have higher resolution than Google Earth and are also tagged with GPS coordinates.

Site-Inspection Video and Photography

We provide traditional site inspection photography and videography services. We can also capture and create interactive iPix video presentations that provide user-controlled 360-degree panoramic views of a scene

Multi-Camera Shoots

Using multiple cameras, including drone and GoPro cameras, we can show simultaneous shots from different perspectives. These multi-camera shots can be combined with 3D animations and are ideal for accident re-creations.

eDiscovery Services

eDiscovery Solutions

Digital Forensics

Managed Services


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Precise offers a comprehensive range of solutions including forensic data collection, eDiscovery services, document management, custom graphics and animation, video production services, jury research, and modern courtroom presentations.

Our Core Values

  • Provide unparalleled support
  • Reform the process
  • Employ creative thinking
  • Consult, define and execute
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What Our Clients Have To Say

The Precise companies, with primary offices in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, PA, serve clients accross the country.

The mediation video prepared by Precise, including the witness interviews it conducted, was the most effective format I have used for presenting a complex case to a mediator. Additionally, the feedback I received from the Predict report was essential in not only valuing my case and quantifying some known strengths and weaknesses but also revealing some issues that would be important to jurors at trial that were not previously on my radar. I highly recommend both services.

-Daniel Godinich

"Precise handled an important project for me with impressive skill and speed. The professionals I worked with were committed, talented and creative. I would gladly use them again."

-Jim Corbelli

"Precise is the best in the trial presentation game! If you have an idea for the courtroom or a deposition, Precise will make it happen. I can't stress enough how amazing the Precise team is!"

-Todd Bowlus

"My company has worked with the Precise companies many times over the years. We've found their expertise to be second to none. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend using Precise for your forensics, discovery or trial needs. I'll continue to use them whenever the opportunity allows."

-William Hickman

"I have utilized PRECISE for trial presentation services for many of my trials in many counties across Western Pennsylvania. They are always professional, efficient, and a joy to work with. It is always a load off my shoulders knowing that I don't have to worry about exhibits or illustrations in the weeks leading up to trial or during trial itself. Their technology and expertise are top notch. I don't hesitate to recommend them."

-Ashley Griffin

"Just completed another Trial with Precise and, per usual, their work was flawless. Quality and glitch-free set up, attentive operators who can follow and emphasize points with minimal direction, friendly and helpful. A superb trial teammate."

-David Johnson

"With Precise, you're getting so much more than tech - it is like having a seasoned veteran, co-counsel, sitting second chair who can strategize on your theory of the case, help organize and streamline your submissions, anticipate what exhibit you will need before you even ask for it during a cross-examination and help add visual and organizational punch to your opening and closing."

-Fred Rabner

"Precise, Inc is the only company we use for our trial consultants and trial preparation. Their whole team is incredibly professional and completely responsive. They have an amazing turn-around time, which is important when you're in the final moments before, or sometimes during, trial. I highly recommend Precise, Inc. for your litigation support."

-Sherie Cannin

"Pete Mansmann and his team are technically adept, pragmatic, and admirably responsive. They really care about taking care of their clients and getting things right."

-Michael Irving

"Our office has worked with Precise for many years on different projects. They have been able to help with creating posters for trial, cutting videos, and trial presentations. They also provide great feedback and offer ideas. Their whole team is great. Highly recommend Jody and Matt for trials. Scott is great with our projects and scheduling our video depositions."

-Rachel Homick

"I've worked with Precise, Inc. for years with eDiscovery collections and database hosting, forensic imaging and analysis, trial support, and preparing trial exhibits and have always been pleased with the work. The entire staff is professional and very skilled in their respective areas of expertise. Highly recommend."

-Anne Newcomer

"I use Precise for all our litigation work. They are responsive, professional, and dependable. Most importantly, they are flexible for whatever curve balls get thrown in their direction. I highly recommend to anyone looking to use services they provide."

-Hannah Molitoris

"I have had the pleasure of utilizing the services of Precise for over 20 years for federal and state court trials. They have always made my job easier, provided helpful feedback and with a high degree of professionalism. Hands down they are the best in town."

-Lea Ferita

"It makes a huge difference to have Precise on your team preparing for and attending trial."

-Katie Kenyon

"Skilled and excellent at their craft - will work as hard as is required. a great firm!"

-Victor Pribanic

"In my emails and conversation with Jody were very professional and responsive, even with very last minute things. She was a pleasure to work with."

-Patricia DeSantis

"Professional and experts at trial preparation. Our firm has used them for years and they have never failed to perform professionally and exceed our expectations."

-Denise Johnson

"Precise is an excellent company for any trial lawyer. Indeed, I've worked multiple times in trial with their tech, Ms. Blair, and found her to be a superior talent -- prepared, timely, responsive, creative, dedicated, thorough and accurate in her work in trial prep, during trial, during witness prep and during cross-exam prep. She's a team player and highly valued team asset for any trial team in complex cases."

-P. Brandes

"I have had the pleasure of working with Precise, Inc. for many years now, and they are the best at what they do!"

-Pamela Rose

Everyone that I've worked with over the years has been wonderful, but since we haven't been live in quite some time, I just wanted to let you know how attentive and responsive Kyle has been on a recent matter. He and Max were a pleasure to work with. Be healthy and well!

-Linda A. Burns

"Can't recommend the folks at Precise (and in particular Paul Null and Chris Spence) highly enough. Excellent team that I depend on from discovery through closing. Thanks for everything!"

-JP Faunes

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