At Precise, we know video is an effective tool for attorneys pushing a settlement. Many cases have critical elements that can only be fully appreciated when seen and heard. Our videographers and consultants know how to capture the pertinent information for a clear and compelling presentation of facts and create a persuasive preview of what our clients would bring to trial. This video testimonial, features Tom Crumplar, Esq., managing director of Jacobs and Crumplar, who believes settlement videos are critical for six-figure cases. “I think you’re negligent not to come up with a professional settlement video,” said Crumplar.  “I think we got more in the settlement, simply because there was a professionalism that was underscored to the defendants to show we were willing to go the extra mile.”  

Precise offers three settlement-video packages to meet the needs of their clients. Precise’s suite of video services includes day-in-the-life videos, interactive depositions, remote videoconferencing, and specialty video services such as aerial/drone recordings, multicamera shoots, site inspections, and surveillance video processing. 

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