Pittsburgh computer forensic expert

When litigation involves computer forensics, Pittsburgh attorneys may find it tempting to call up their local IT company, but that decision could quickly backfire. General IT companies lack the training, hardware and software necessary for a proper, legal digital forensic investigation. By choosing a Pittsburgh computer forensics company, you can be confident that proper procedures are being followed and the data won’t be thrown out of court on a technicality. Digital forensics professionals also have the knowledge and tools to uncover potentially overlooked data, as well as maintain and verify the integrity of the data.

Three Areas That Require Expertise in Computer Forensics – Pittsburgh

Spoliation – In legal terms, spoliation is rendering potential evidence invalid, either through negligence or intentional action. In terms of paper discovery, this can be anything from spilling coffee on a document to running it through a paper shredder. Electronic data can suffer alteration or destruction just as easily if not handled properly. One of the ways a Pittsburgh computer forensic expert prevents spoliation is by making a forensic copy, which we will discuss further. Spoliation can result in legal sanctions and fines, so you want to have confidence in the digital forensics company you choose is experienced in handling electronic evidence.

Electronic data preservation (forensic copy) – One of the first steps a Pittsburgh computer forensic expert takes is to make a forensic copy of a device. Since this preserves the original electronic evidence in its original state, it provides a safety net from spoliation. Should any data be accidentally altered during the forensic investigation, the original data remains accessible. It is also important to secure data that has been identified as part of an investigation or litigation right away since it cannot be deleted, altered, or removed by law. If the data is not preserved properly – particularly once a legal hold is in place – you could incur court sanctions and fines. With forensic copies, technology, and proper handling procedures, our Pittsburgh digital forensics experts make sure data is kept intact. And with our secure servers, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your data.

Data collection versus forensic data collection – Unlike simple data collection, a forensic investigation offers legally defensible proof that the gathered data was not altered or needlessly modified during the collection process. Forensic data collections are also more thorough, ensuring all data within the scope of the collection request is gathered. It is much more than just a surface examination: Pittsburgh computer forensics collections also collect data that is not readily accessible, including previously deleted data.

Targeted and Remote Collections: Forensic Investigations Tailored to Your Needs

Another benefit of digital forensics companies is the offering of specialized services. With targeted collections, we can secure data from a specific area of a computer, server, network, or other electronic device. This not only protects sensitive, non-relevant data that is also present on the device, it also drastically reduces the amount of data that must be reviewed, thereby lowering discovery costs. Should you need to collect data from multiple devices that are geographically dispersed, we can remotely collect the data safely and securely using digital forensic tools.

Precise: Keeping Your Data Secure

When it comes to litigation and digital forensics security, you want to choose a legal services company with a proven track record for your partner. Why risk spoliation and sanctions by picking an inexperienced company? For 17 years, Precise has been helping law firms manage litigation in a defensible, cost-efficient manner. From computer forensics to courtroom demonstratives, Precise has the tools you need for an effective, powerful courtroom presentation. Call us today at 866-277-3247 for more information.