Edward Ciarimboli, Esq. chats with Paul Null of Precise about his success in balancing storytelling and technology in the courtroom:

  • Combining old-school storytelling and technology to engage jurors
  • What Is His “Why”?
  • Successfully Streamlining Trials
  • Adjusting His Practice During COVID


Table of Contents

00:00 – Introduction to Ed Ciarimboli and his personal injury practice
09:00 – His “Why”—what keeps him motivated
13:00 – How collaboration with trial technologists helps distinguish Ed from other trial lawyers
14:22 – His use of modern and old-school storytelling techniques to engage the jury
21:48 – How to streamline depositions by putting in the right creative work beforehand
25:40 – Biggest horror story from trial
30:00 – Meeting the challenges of a pandemic-induced lockdown
35:56 – How does he define success?


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