David Kwass, Esq., of Saltz Mongeluzzi & Bendesky P.C., chats with Paul Null of Precise about jury research and other trial strategies, including:

  • Using Predict to “lose” his cases, develop case themes, and overcome areas of resistance
  • Jury Pool Research to separate the wolves from the “lambs”
  • Adapting his style to venues across the country
  • His early days jamming with Dave Matthews


Table of Contents

0:00 – Introduction to David Kwass, Esq. and his national practice in Aerial Lift Litigation
8:08 – The early days jamming with Dave Matthews
14:43 – Biggest horror story from trial
20:21 – Dave’s thoughts and feedback on Predict
24:05 – After a dozen Predict studies, why does he keep coming back?
30:38 – Feedback on geographical independence of Delphi groups
33:14 – Use of Jury Pool Research at a recent trial
38:05 – JPR: TMI in too short of time?


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