Precise is proud to introduce Predict™, a jury research tool that applies the science of statistics to litigation to predict results. For years lawyers have used focus groups and mock juries to gain valuable insight on a case before bringing it to trial. However, the cost and time involved in these mock juries restrict their use to the largest law firms and the most high-value cases.

A lot of our business is driven by very defined requests and needs that we hear from our clients. With the decline in the number of jury trials, fewer attorneys have a strong grasp of how a jury will react to a case. We wanted to find a way to gather the valuable input created by mock juries without incurring the high costs and time away from case preparation. That led us to creating Predict™. Using psychological and demographic analysis, we allow you to discover how a prospective juror might respond to certain aspects of your case. These can range from broad topics, such as case valuation, down to specifics – such as whether or not to include the testimony of a specific witness.

How Does Predict™ Work?

The process begins with an attorney developing a narrative about the case, which can cover several topics or one main point. If they want to know how jurors will respond to one specific issue, they will narrow the narrative down to just that issue. They can also do a split test to see if including or excluding the testimony of an expert or witness makes a dramatic change in their case.

This narrative then gets sent out to a group of professional readers who represent different demographics and personality profiles. They read through the narrative and highlight what they feel are the key facts and issues. This allows the attorney to see if their narrative is accomplishing what they want it to.

Once the feedback is compiled, we work with our clients to come up with a list of survey questions. You will end up with a set of 10-30 specific questions, such as, “What do you think the case valuation is?” or “Do you think this person is lying?” The survey then gets distributed to people representing various demographics and personality types.

Once the surveys come back, we begin the statistical modeling and analysis. We look for big variations in responses between groups as well as consistencies between them. Everything is then compiled into a report for the client. We go through the report with the client, explaining the findings, and helping them find universal applications.

At the end of the Predict™ process, clients will know how specific demographics will respond to the various aspects of their case, allowing them to craft their narrative depending on the jurisdiction of the trial, and also aiding them in jury selection.

Get the Benefits of Mock Jury Without the Cost and Time

Jury research tools in Wilmington don’t have to be expensive and time-consuming. With Predict™ you can gain invaluable insight into your case and gain the upper hand at trial.

Precise is dedicated to making tools and technology affordable for law firms of all sizes. We are a leading trial support services company in Wilmington, in addition to offering e-discovery and computer forensics. We can also help you craft powerful demonstratives with our Wilmington trial presentation services, from animations and graphics to video services.

For more information on Predict™, contact Peter Mansmann at 866-277-3247, ext. 103. You can also request an example field survey at no cost.