Litigation support eDiscovery
When it comes to choosing litigation support, eDiscovery can often be overlooked by litigators as a key service. The emphasis is often on demonstratives (such as graphics, animations, and video), jury research, and consulting, but eDiscovery can have just as much impact on a case as a well-executed animation. In a society where 77% of the population own smartphones and the average person spends 11 hours a day interacting with technology, the odds your case will involve electronic evidence are similar to the odds that Starbucks will sell coffee tomorrow. At Precise, our award-winning litigation support includes an array of eDiscovery services to meet the individual needs of your case, from managed services to digital forensics examinations, to expert witness testimony.

Litigation Support: eDiscovery Services

eDiscovery can be a lengthy, detailed, overwhelming, and costly process, but Precise’s certified forensic experts help bring order to the chaos. Our experts help you identify and collect potentially relevant ESI (electronically stored information) while avoiding unnecessary spoliation risks. With our end-to-end platform, we help you lower the total cost of discovery by streamlining the ingestion and production of your ESI. And our industry-best processing and review tools allow your team to manage large volumes of ESI quickly and efficiently. Our experienced project managers oversee the process to ensure everything is completed accurately and on time.

In keeping with our vision to provide affordable legal technology and in response to client needs, we also offer eDiscovery managed services in scalable packages that allow you to choose the service that best fits your firm’s needs. By eliminating per-GB processing fees, we enable you to provide your clients with a predictable monthly expense while reducing eDiscovery costs by up to 50%, streamlining workflows, and increasing productivity. Our state-of-the-art data center meets compliance and regulation standards, giving you and your clients peace of mind. And our experienced project managers are still available whenever you need them.

There are times when a case requires a deeper look at the electronic data, or the data is damaged or in need of recovery: that is where our digital forensic experts come in. They can uncover electronic information that is not readily accessible and may be key to your case. We now offer our most commonly requested services in three packages to provide you with time and cost savings. These are the Departing Employee Package, Employee Misconduct Package, and Mobile Device Package. Our full range of services include:

  • Forensic imaging
  • Targeted collections
  • Remote collections
  • Data culling
  • Deleted data recovery
  • Digital device analysis
  • Expert witness testimony

Expert eDiscovery Litigation Support from Precise

At Precise, we believe that technology should never be cost-prohibitive. We have tailored our litigation support eDiscovery services to meet the needs of our clients and be beneficial in any sized application. For superior eDiscovery services, call Precise today at 866-277-3247.