Litigation consulting services
Those of us who went to school before the turn of the millenium remember overhead projectors and multimedia carts as the height of classroom technology. Papers were handwritten or produced on typewriters, and doing research involved a trip to the library. Today’s students enjoy a technological wonderland, with many schools starting to assign laptops to students and having all work submitted electronically. Unfortunately, courtrooms have been largely left behind by these technological advancements, making it difficult for litigators to produce the technologically savvy presentations that jurors are expecting. Litigation consulting services help bridge the technology gap by providing litigators with expert trial graphics, animations, and video services, as well as the equipment necessary to display them.

Technology and the Modern Juror

The Millenials and Gen-Xers who make up a large portion of the jury pool are adept at and accustomed to utilizing multiple forms of technology in their everyday life. They prefer to consume information in a digital format, rarely choosing a printed newspaper, magazine, or book when a digital option is available. These generations have become so proficient at multitasking that trying to hold their attention with verbal testimony alone is almost impossible. They not only expect a sophisticated multimedia presentation, it is necessary for engaging them and ensuring they will grasp your case narrative.

Courtrooms, however, have not caught up with modern technology. This is due in part to the fact that courtroom rules and traditions are, by nature, difficult to change. But it is largely due to a lack of funding and the high costs of investing in ever-changing technology. Attorneys can bring their own technology into the courtroom, but they also run the risk of purchasing expensive equipment that has the potential to be outdated after only a few uses. They also must find the time to learn how to operate the equipment while still attending to their other duties.

Litigation consulting services take the burden off litigators by helping them craft dynamic multimedia trial presentations and providing the staff and equipment necessary to pull off the presentation in the courtroom. At Precise, we provide our clients with the latest high-tech resources and cutting-edge equipment, tailoring each setup for the individual requirements of the case. Our experienced hot-seat technicians manage all of the technology for the duration of the trial, executing your presentation with seamless precision.

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