For the best solutions in eDiscovery, Philadelphia has been turning to Precise since 2001. At Precise, we believe that the quality of the litigation support you receive should not be dependent on the size of your war chest. With eDiscovery becoming increasingly relevant in nearly all cases, we understand the importance of access to quality eDiscovery services at affordable rates.

For the Next Level of eDiscovery, Philadelphia Turns to Precise

Electronic discovery is the process whereby electronic data is sought, located, secured, and searched with the intent of using said data as evidence in a legal case. This electronically stored information (ESI) is increasingly crucial in legal proceedings as more and more of our life is governed by technology. And as technology evolves, so must our methods of gathering and processing ESI.

As an extension of our expert Philadelphia eDiscovery services, Precise has now partnered with EDT to offer eDiscovery Managed Services. “Managed services” has become a buzzword in business, but it simply refers to outsourcing management responsibilities and functions on a proactive basis, combined with a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses.

Over the last decade, we have seen eDiscovery evolve from requiring multiple software platforms to offering consolidated, end-to-end workflow solutions. At the same time, data is being created at mind-boggling rates that can leave law firms faced with overwhelming data sets and large eDiscovery bills.

By offering our eDiscovery services through a managed services program, your firm can significantly reduce the expense of eDiscovery for your clients while benefiting from streamlined processes and workflows. We have eliminated the per GB processing fees that created staggering eDiscovery bills. And, best of all, our highly skilled project managers are available to our managed services clients when needed.

Our managed services packages range from small commitments – perfect for a single matter – to multi-terabyte packages that can be used across multiple practices in your firm. With predictable billing, you can give your clients an expected monthly expense. And when your data needs a closer look, our digital forensics experts can uncover and piece together ESI that may not be visible at first glance. From ghost data to hard drive recovery to mobile device investigations, our digital forensics experts are up to the task.

Precise: Philadelphia’s eDiscovery Experts

For over 15 years, our goal at Precise has been to make technology accessible to lawyers, no matter the size of the case or their firm. By partnering with EDT, we have found yet another way to make technology more accessible and affordable to our clients. From data processing to document review, our eDiscovery managed services will help reduce costs and increase productivity.

If you would like more information on eDiscovery managed services or one of our other litigation support services, fill out our form and one of our representatives will be in touch with you shortly.

Click on the video below to hear Jo Sherman (CEO & Founder of EDT) talk with our CEO Sean Dennin about bringing eDiscovery managed services to Philadelphia.