Document review Philadelphia

Review is universally viewed as the most important part of the discovery process. That is because legal teams traditionally gain a greater understanding of their case during review, helping them develop legal strategies based on the information they discover.

Unfortunately, review is also the most expensive and time-consuming aspect of discovery, accounting for 70-80% of all eDiscovery costs. Often reviewers are paid on a per-hour basis, contributing to high, unpredictable review costs. When it comes to document review, Philadelphia-based Precise is helping make the process more affordable and less labor-intensive with their suite of eDiscovery solutions.

What is Philadelphia Document Review?

During review, every document and piece of data in a collection is reviewed and analyzed to determine if it should be withheld from production to opposing counsel. Reasons to withhold documents include:

  • Relevance – Is this information relevant to the issues of the case?
  • Responsiveness – Is the information responsive to a discovery or investigatory request?
  • Privilege – Is the information subject to attorney-client privilege or any confidentiality rules and privacy laws?
  • Confidentiality – Does the document contain confidential information (such as trade secrets)?

How Good is Your Philadelphia Document Review Process?

An effective document review process considers the following items:

  • Underlying case information – To conduct an effective review, there must be a deep understanding of the issues underlying the case in order to know what to look for in the documents, including key names, words and date ranges.
  • Case strategy – Reviewers need to understand the legal team’s desired outcome for the case. The review may uncover facts that force a course change, whether it be for a more aggressive defense or a quicker settlement.
  • Document tagging – Having a consistent method for tagging documents is crucial for an effective review. Unless everyone understands and uses the same method, important information could be overlooked. It only takes one missing relevant document to incur sanctions.
  • Efficiency – While accuracy and thoroughness are important, review should be expeditious. Being able to process documents quickly will help speed the process and reduce costs.
  • Quality control – Human error is inevitable, no matter how experienced or careful a reviewer may be. Having a system to double-check for errors can be a lifesaver.

Review Platforms Help Rein in the Review Process

Precise offers industry-best review platform options that are scalable to the needs of your case. Your team can now handle ESI quickly and efficiently, no matter the scale of your document review. Precise’s fleet of eDiscovery services help you manage ESI from collection to review. Call us today at 866-277-3247 for more information about our document review services in Philadelphia.