EDiscovery managed services Philadelphia

In the unpredictable world of technology, one thing is guaranteed: change. When the phone you bought six months ago will be obsolete before the next Summer Olympics, you can see why it’s hard to stay on top of technological advancements. Technology is always evolving and adapting, so how we use technology must adapt, too.

That’s why the old pay system of per GB eDiscovery has become obsolete. The volume at which electronic data is being produced makes it unfeasible to continue that platform. With the switch to eDiscovery managed services in Philadelphia, you not only save on eDiscovery costs, you gain 4 valuable benefits as well:

  1. Access to Experts When You Need Them – Sometimes an eDiscovery examination reveals the need for a deeper, forensic investigation. With traditional, in-house eDiscovery, you would have to contact a digital forensic expert and securely transfer data to them, wasting time and money. As part of our Philadelphia eDiscovery managed services program, Precise’s team of seasoned digital forensics experts are just a phone call away.
  2. Increase Productivity and Efficiency – Our managed services platform allows you to streamline processes and workflows, cutting down on work time and reducing your eDiscovery costs up to 50%.
  3. Trusted Technology at Your Fingertips – Philadelphia eDiscovery managed services empower you with the latest technological advancements as well as tried-and-true industry standards. You no longer have to worry about the platform you purchase becoming obsolete before you’re even finished paying for it! We work tirelessly to keep up with technological advances so you never have to fear being left behind. We also use state-of-the-art data center facilities that meet all compliance and regulation standards, giving you and your clients peace of mind.
  4. Predictable Costs and Flexible Services – We offer a variety of Philadelphia eDiscovery managed services packages to meet the needs of every law firm, regardless of size. These packages are designed to adapt to ever-changing needs, from one-time commitments for a single matter to multiple-terabyte packages that can be shared among a firm with multiple locations. We make sure you get all the services you need and nothing you don’t. Managed services offer a predictable monthly expense that helps you offer a reliable estimate to your clients.

Precise: Leading the Way in Philadelphia eDiscovery Managed Services

Don’t pay more for eDiscovery than you have to. With affordable eDiscovery managed services in Philadelphia, you can gain a competitive edge on the competition and offer better services to your clients. For more information about managed services, call us today at 866-277-3247.