Computer forensics companies
Modern juries are a fascinating study in how the rapid growth of technology has affected different generations. On a given jury, you could have a 70-year-old who remembers the introduction of microwaves and color television, and a 20-year-old who has never known life without personal computers and cell phones! The result is a jury pool with widely disparate levels of technology literacy. Since nearly every case now involves some degree of electronic evidence, it is critical that your digital evidence be presented in such a way that all jurors grasp its impact on your case. Computer forensics companies help translate complex technical terms and processes into succinct demonstratives and testimony that every juror can understand.

The Role of Computer Forensics Companies in the Courtroom

Computer forensics companies don’t just help you uncover electronic evidence; they help you present that data clearly and effectively in the courtroom. From providing witness testimony to helping develop demonstratives, a digital forensics expert is crucial to the development and execution of your case strategies.

Exhibits and demonstratives don’t just convey information: when executed properly, they help bolster juror understanding and retention. A computer forensics company helps you determine which information is most important for jurors to remember, and then translates that information into understandable terms. They also review the final exhibits to ensure they are accurate.

One of the protocols governing digital evidence is that it must be gathered in a reproducible manner and have a clear chain of custody. Part of an expert digital forensics witness’ testimony involves explaining how the data was collected and showing that all rules and procedures were followed. Such technical – but necessary – testimony can bore jurors, so a good witness knows how to keep their explanations brief and to the point, while also breaking it down into layman’s terms for the jurors.

Expert witnesses also testify about the electronic evidence itself and its impact on the case. They can explain how cellular data proves your client’s whereabouts, or how metadata proves a particular person accessed and tampered with a file. A digital forensics expert witness should be both professional and personable, giving jurors confidence in their expertise while still being accessible.

Precise: A Top Computer Forensics Company

Precise’s team of computer forensic experts don’t just help you quickly and carefully identify, forensically collect, analyze, and report relevant digital evidence for your case; they also help you present that evidence in the courtroom. From helping develop demonstratives to providing witness testimony, our experts ensure your digital evidence is presented clearly and accurately. For more information on how our experts can benefit your next case, call Precise today at 866-277-3247.