You are probably already familiar with remote depositions that allow you to save time and keep your clients’ bills reasonable during the discovery process. Though remote depositions are not a new invention, they’ve become increasingly popular during the Covid-19 pandemic, as travel remains difficult and safety precautions are high.

Interactive depositions are a type of remote deposition, but with some added features.

Specifically, the interactive depositions that we help facilitate allow witnesses to take a more active role in a deposition. This feat is accomplished by giving witnesses the option to annotate an exhibit to emphasize or clarify key facts.

Precise’s interactive depositions also allow for picture-in-picture views. As a result, a witness can pause or react to evidence to provide further information, anticipate questions, and offer additional details at an ideal moment in a testimony.

You do not have to be a technological wizard to take advantage of interactive depositions. Here at Precise, we have been integrating trial presentation and video deposition services for more than 20 years. We make this technology accessible and user-friendly to give you an edge in the courtroom.


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