Trial graphics New York
If you were telling someone how to get to your house, would you give them a hand-drawn map or tell them to put your address into their GPS? Clearly you would opt for the latter, since the GPS provides information clearly and more accurately than even the most carefully drawn map could. The GPS can also furnish additional, pertinent information to the driver – such as roadwork or traffic on their route – that couldn’t be depicted on a map.

When it comes to presenting a case to the jury, many litigators are still using outdated presentation methods because they think modern tools – such as trial graphics and animations – are either unnecessary or too expensive. However, these tools enhance juror understanding and retention of your case, leading to better outcomes for your clients. When it comes to superior, affordable trial graphics, New York attorneys turn to the experts at Precise.

How to Enhance Your Case with Trial Graphics – New York

  • Make your opening statement powerful and persuasive – The opening statement is your first opportunity to introduce your case narrative and shape jurors’ perceptions of the case. First impressions matter, and if your opening statement is unclear or delivered in an off-putting manner, jurors will likely develop a negative perception of you and your case that can be hard to overcome. This is due to a psychological phenomenon known as the “fundamental attribution error,” in which people tend to assume a negative interaction is due to a fundamental, negative trait in the other person. With trial graphics, New York litigators can be sure their key points are communicated clearly and effectively. Jurors also tend to associate the use of technology with competence.
  • Bring clarity to complex concepts – The facts of the case may be on your side, but if the jury can’t understand them it may not matter. Whether it’s statistics, a medical procedure, the sequence of a car crash, or the inner workings of a machine, the critical facts of a case can be difficult for jurors to grasp and retain. Trial graphics allow you to break down information and present it in a memorable format that increases juror comprehension and retention. Trial graphics can demonstrate moving parts and processes, show spatial relationships between people and objects, control the flow of information, and give jurors a complete view of objects and locations.

Precise Provides Superior Trial Graphics – New York

Well-executed trial graphics can mean the difference between winning or losing a case. At Precise, our expert trial graphic artists help you develop powerful demonstratives that add value to your case without depleting your budget. To learn more about our award-winning trial graphics, call us today at 866-277-3247.