A trial has many moving parts, and it’s impossible for a single person or firm to evaluate every aspect objectively.

From jury selection to medical presentations, a trial consultant can help prepare your team for trial and alert you to blind spots that need to be addressed.

Many attorneys associate trial consultants with the tech-savvy “hotseat” position at a trial, but that’s just a snapshot of their role on a client’s trial team. Other trial consulting tasks include:

  • Determining the clearest and most compelling way to present evidence¬†
  • Preparing presentations, including graphics and video
  • Operating trial presentation software
  • Observing attorneys to provide constructive feedback
  • Conducting jury research
  • Recording in-person and remote video depositions
  • Providing high-tech equipment rentals

There is no equivalent for the experience and the institutional knowledge of a seasoned team of trial consultants. Since 2000, we have been working with clients across the country to assist them in having every step of a trial, arbitration, or mediation go smoothly.

A combination of a depth of expertise with cutting-edge technology allow trial consulting services that give you confidence in any situation.

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