Litigation support service

The term “litigation support service” is often mentioned, but you may not have a clear idea of what such a service entails. Essentially, a litigation support service provides an array of pre-trial and trial services for attorneys to choose from. These include:

  • Jury research
  • eDiscovery managed services
  • Digital forensic investigations
  • Trial consultants
  • Demonstratives (day-in-the-life videos, medical illustrations, animations, etc.)
  • Courtroom technology and support

By choosing a litigation support service, you can better utilize your staff’s time and resources. Focusing on the core activities of your practice also allows you to improve the service you provide to your clients and streamline workflows in your office. But the benefits don’t end there.

5 Benefits of a Litigation Support Service

    1. Faster turnaround on services – At Precise, we know how time consuming and overwhelming the eDiscovery process can be. That is why we offer eDiscovery managed services and genesis review – two tools that will help cut down on unnecessary paperwork and organize data in a clear, easy-to-navigate platform. By reducing the time you spend on paperwork, your firm can offer more effective client support, improve case results, and become more proactive in your practice.
    2. Add services as needed – Maintaining your own in-house litigation support team can be a costly and inefficient use of resources. After all, not every case requires a digital forensic expert or medical illustrator. With Precise’s scalable support solutions, you can choose the services that fit the needs of a particular case. This ensures you are only paying for the services you need, keeping litigation costs under control.
    3. Increased flexibility – A key benefit of outsourcing litigation support services is that it frees up staff time, allowing you take on additional cases while still devoting more time to your clients. This can increase profitability and reduce overhead, with the added benefit of allowing your administrative and paralegal staff members to manage their tasks more effectively.
    4. Expert insight – Precise’s team of experienced professionals ensures you will get the highest quality and accuracy from the services we offer. Our specialists are available to assist with everything from video depositions to mobile device investigations.
    5. Lower costs – Our litigation support services can help you save money at every phase of a trial. Our eDiscovery managed services help dramatically reduce discovery costs. Our digital forensic experts are available to testify, eliminating the need to track down expert testimony. And we supply – and operate – all the equipment you need for a dynamic courtroom presentation.

Precise: Trusted Litigation Support Service

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