Video deposition services
Video deposition services are one of the many litigation technologies helping lawyers increase their efficiency in our digital age. While depositions have traditionally been written records taken down by stenographers, adding a visual element to the capture and preservation of critical testimony adds numerous benefits to your case.

Benefits of Using Video Deposition Services

  1. Record a witness’ body language – Written depositions fail to capture tone, inflection, and body language – key factors people rely on to interpret a speaker’s meaning and intent. Video depositions record the nervous fidgeting and angry glares – as well as profuse sweating, pregnant pauses, and sarcasm – that are lost in traditional depositions. Being able to show jurors the witness’ full demeanor reduces the risk of jurors misinterpreting the testimony.
  2. Focus the jury’s attention – With attention spans waning, litigators must work harder to keep jurors focused on their presentation. Video depositions are engaging and help keep jurors’ gaze and attention from wandering. At Precise, we also offer interactive depositions which use picture-in-picture technology to simultaneously show the deponent and the exhibit with which they are interacting. The result is a dynamic, clear video deposition that will hold your jurors’ attention far better than just the deponent’s verbal testimony.
  3. Preserve testimony from witnesses who cannot attend the trial – On occasion, a key witness may not be able to attend the trial due to distance, conflicting schedules, or a physical or medical reason. Video depositions can be recorded at the witness’ convenience, ensuring their testimony will be available when you need it.
  4. Reduce the cost of expert witness testimony – Expert testimony is often crucial to a case, but compensating the expert for their time and travel costs can get expensive quickly. Preserve your trial budget by opting for a video deposition instead. Their testimony is delivered in a fraction of the time, and can be used at any time in the proceedings without needing to recall your witness.
  5. Impeaching a witness – One of the most powerful uses of video deposition services is in the impeaching of a witness if they change their testimony at trial. Allowing jurors to see the witness contradict themselves is far more powerful than simply reading a transcript back to them.

Choose Precise for Superior Video Deposition Services

At Precise, we have been offering top-quality litigation technology services to legal firms of all sizes since 2000. Our certified legal videographers can help you bring your case presentation to the next level and increase your effectiveness at trial. To learn more about our video deposition services, call us today at 866-277-3247.