What is a trial consultant

If you’ve never worked with a trial consulting firm, you may be wondering, What is a trial consultant? In the simplest terms, a trial consultant is the point of contact between an attorney and the consulting firm’s internal team of presentation professionals. However, that description doesn’t capture the wealth of benefits a trial consultant brings to the table. Trial consultants are your right-hand before and during trial, ensuring your case presentation is technical, sophisticated, efficient, and persuasive.

What is a Trial Consultant and How Do They Benefit My Case?

Trial consultants help you prepare for trial by assisting with theme development and message clarity, understanding juror attitudes (including attribution theory), and crafting a unified presentation with powerful visuals. In our digital world it is not just beneficial to use technology in the courtroom, it is critical to your success. Jurors are accustomed to receiving and processing information in a digital format. Therefore presenting information in a familiar and memorable way helps keep jurors focused while boosting their understanding and retention of your case.

Trial consultants also help reduce stress and increase efficiency during trial preparation by taking on a project management role. With one person overseeing the development of demonstratives and trial exhibits, they can ensure that projects are remaining on track and that the resulting presentation is coherent, unified, and tailored to achieve case goals. It also provides litigators with a single point of contact to receive information on and the status of multiple projects, freeing them up to focus on their case preparation.

At Precise, our trial consultants work closely with clients to understand the framework, direction, and scope of a case. This allows them to direct our internal team of certified videographers, illustrators, and litigation technology experts to create and deliver the technologies and demonstratives that best fit your legal and courtroom strategies. We tailor our services to meet the specific needs of both your case and your presentation style in order to produce a seamless, dynamic, technologically-savvy courtroom presentation.

We also provide all the courtroom equipment you need to deliver your presentation, and our trial consultants are with you in the courtroom to manage and run said equipment and technologies. They provide onsite assistance and support: everything from real-time annotations and editing, to retrieving key documents via the Internet and printing them in the courtroom. Our expert staff take the stress out of preparing and delivering a technically sophisticated trial presentation.

Choose Precise for Superior Trial Consultants

Whether you’re a small firm or a large legal team, we can help you level the playing field with sophisticated digital presentations. Our team has provided the most advanced trial consulting services to a broad range of clients in various litigation venues across the country. Our unique combination of legal experience and multimedia expertise allow us to develop, design, and smoothly execute powerful presentations in bench trials, jury trials, mediations, arbitrations, and a variety of hearings. Call us today at 866-277-3247 to experience the Precise difference.