What is a litigation consultant
If you were to ask 50 attorneys, “What is a litigation consultant?”, you would likely get a wide range of answers. As a relatively new field, the role of litigation consultants is still often misunderstood by attorneys, and as a result attorneys miss out on the numerous benefits litigation consultants have to offer. At Precise, our award-winning litigation consultants specialize in providing litigators with all the tools, demonstratives, and equipment necessary for a dynamic and technologically sophisticated trial presentation.

What is a Litigation Consultant? An In-depth Review

The role of litigation consultants is so extensive that to explain it in one blog doesn’t do it justice. So we’ve gathered some of our favorite blogs on the subject to give you a more in-depth answer to the question, What is a litigation consultant?

  • What is a Trial Consultant? – A trial consultant is more than just the point of contact between an attorney and the consulting firm’s internal team of presentation professionals. Trial consultants are your right-hand before and during trial, ensuring your case presentation is technical, sophisticated, efficient, and persuasive.
  • Bridge the Technology Gap with Litigation Consulting Services – Modern jurors are adept at and accustomed to utilizing multiple forms of technology in their everyday lives. Litigation consultants help attorneys effectively communicate with jurors by crafting dynamic multimedia trial presentations and providing the staff and equipment necessary to pull off the presentation in the courtroom.
  • Trial Consulting Firms Offer a Unique Perspective – As a litigator, your focus is on your clients and how to best present them and their cases to juries. But this can lead to tunnel vision where you evaluate testimony and evidence based only on how they reflect on your client. A trial consulting firm evaluates every bit of information and testimony on their own merits, ensuring you are always putting your best foot forward.
  • Unlock Your Case’s Potential with Trial Consulting Services – Learn about the psychology behind how jurors assign blame as we break down the Attribution Theory.
  • How Trial Consultants Help You Prepare For Trial – From theme development and message clarity to understanding juror attitudes and the development of visuals, litigation consultants ensure you are fully prepared to enter the courtroom.
  • 4 Ways Trial Consulting Firms Help with Expert Witnesses – Oftentimes the outcome of a trial can hinge on the testimony of an expert witness. Trial consulting firms ensure your expert witness’ testimony is communicated to the jury clearly and effectively through video depositions and tailored demonstratives.
  • Trial Presentation Consultants Help Trials Run Smoothly – A trial presentation consultant’s role in a case can best be likened to that of a musical conductor. They direct the development and execution of demonstratives and ensure your presentation is unified and harmonious.

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