Video deposition equipment

When it comes to technological advancements, video deposition equipment typically isn’t the first thing to spring to mind. After all, video cameras have been around since the 80’s, and other than the quality of the video (and the size of the cameras themselves), little has changed. But there is more to video deposition equipment than just the video cameras themselves. Interactive depositions utilize picture-in-picture formatting and telestrators to allow deponents to interact with exhibits in real time, adding a whole new dimension to their testimony.

Video Deposition Equipment that Enhances Witness Testimony

One of the best additions to video deposition equipment is the telestrator. You may not recognize the name, but you definitely recognize its function: it is the device used by sportscasters and meteorologists to annotate a still or moving image. The user draws on a touchscreen with their finger (or uses a pen on a graphics tablet), and the drawing is then communicated to the telestrator, which overlays the video image with the drawing. This annotated image can then be saved and showed again at a later date.

Before telestrators, counsel had to produce large poster board exhibits for witnesses to interact with. These exhibits were expensive to produce and, once marked, could not be used for a new witness. With telestrators, the digital marking can be preserved and a clean image produced for each new witness. Additionally, telestrators can be combined with picture-in-picture technology to show the witness interacting with the exhibit in real time. This adds a greater level of clarity and understanding to the witness’ testimony, and also helps hold jurors’ attention.

Modern editing software also makes for a more streamlined presentation in the courtroom. Video depositions can be synced to transcripts or edited on the fly in response to objections or instruction from the judge. A courtroom technician can also create clips to be shown during closing arguments or jury deliberations, or to impeach a witness’ testimony.

Precise: The Best Technology at the Best Price

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