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A good litigator will periodically revisit the question, “How effective are my trial presentations?” As society and technology evolve, so too should your presentations. Technology is now considered standard in most trial settings, and jurors expect a certain level of technical savvy in case presentation. It is important, therefore, to periodically review your effectiveness and capability in the courtroom. Take it from us: our trial presentation services in Wilmington have been assisting the legal community since 2000. Here are a few tried and true ways you can make the best impression on jurors…

Vary Your Presentation Methods

The fatal flaw of any presentation is monotony. You need to keep the jurors engaged, and if you stick with only one presentation method throughout the trial, you may lose their attention. You can change up how you present facts with strategic use of charts and graphics and even 3D animations of events. Our graphics experts will create powerful demonstratives that help the jury visualize your case.

Know How and When to Use Video

Video is one of the most powerful mediums when it comes to illustrating facts–especially during depositions. You can have interactive depositions that allow deponents to engage with exhibits via LCD telestrator, while picture-in-picture formatting allows the jury to simultaneously see the deponent and the exhibit with which they are interacting. You also have the option of syncing a video deposition to a transcript, allowing for “on-the-fly” editing, clip creation, and seamless courtroom playback.

Something to be mindful of: You can easily overwhelm jurors with too much technology. Technology should not be used in a way that simply creates a spectacle, rather, it should only be used when it is most efficiently and effectively making your point. This will maximize its impact and improve the power of your presentation.

Precise’s trial consultants work closely with you to understand the framework, direction, and scope of your case. They then work with our internal team of professionals to create and deliver the services and technologies that most appropriately fit your legal and courtroom strategies. What results is an engaging, expertly crafted presentation strategy that will impress your jurors without overwhelming them.

Contact Precise for Expert Trial Presentation Services in Wilmington

If you feel that you are not using technology to your full advantage, put Precise’s expertise to work for you. We help you navigate every aspect of your presentation to provide you with the most powerful and effective courtroom strategy. Whether your case is large or small, our Wilmington trial presentation services can help you prepare for and respond to litigation in a defensible, cost-efficient manner. We believe that technology should not be cost prohibitive, and that all firms – regardless of size – deserve a competitive edge.

If you can benefit from our trial presentation services in Wilmington, contact Precise today and put our expertise to work for you.