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As we discussed in our previous blog, utilizing technology in trial presentation has become the norm. Our society is increasingly familiar with technology, and it is the most common medium by which people get their information. The old presentation style of poster board exhibits and simple graphics simply doesn’t cut it with today’s jurors.

While many courtrooms are becoming more technology friendly, there is no guarantee the court will have the equipment you need for your presentation. Furthermore, using equipment you are unfamiliar with can lead to a disjointed presentation that harms your case rather than aiding it. You also cannot be sure of the condition of borrowed equipment; nothing is worse than an equipment malfunction or failure at the critical point of your presentation.

Another option would be to purchase your own equipment, but it is expensive to keep up with ever-changing technology. You may find yourself having to “make do” with sub-par equipment or debating on purchasing something you may only use once.

We believe that technology should never be cost prohibitive. That is why as part of our trial presentation services in Pittsburgh, Precise provides all the equipment you need to maximize your presentation’s effect. We have a comprehensive array of high-tech resources and cutting-edge equipment at our disposal, and we tailor each setup to the particular needs of your individual case.

Precise is also the only trial support firm to offer a complete “mobile office” in the courtroom. You will have the ability to scan, print, and handle remote documents via Internet access, at your fingertips.

With Precise at your side, you don’t have to worry about being technically savvy. We manage all of the technology and equipment so you can focus on your case.

Pittsburgh’s Trial Presentation Experts

They say practice makes perfect, and the truth of that statement is readily apparent in the courtroom. You should be familiar and comfortable with your presentation before taking your case to the jury. As part of our Pittsburgh trial presentation services, we help you organize evidence and create powerful visuals and other demonstratives so that you can present with confidence. Whether you are looking for interactive depositions or certified medical illustrations, or graphics experts will create the powerful demonstratives your case needs.

If you’re ready to take your presentations to the next level, contact Precise today and see what makes us the leading trial presentation service in Pittsburgh.