The cost of eDiscovery can vary widely, and it can be nearly impossible for a lawyer to stick to an eDiscovery budget due to the complexities of predicting needs in advance. If you’ve encountered this situation, you’re not alone. Precise is here to help.

We’ve worked with clients big and small to help reduce the financial burden of eDiscovery into a more controllable and predictable cost. We also make our technologically advanced infrastructure available across multiple practice groups, so you have a cohesive model to work from.

The eDiscovery cost factors that our managed services can help contain include:

  • Data volume and type. Acquiring and storing data across various devices can add to your bill. Cloud-based and other advanced storage solutions can help.
  • Staffing. It can be expensive to maintain a staff, but a managed services approach can reduce this need.
  • Data processing and culling. We can help reduce data volume substantially.
  • Faster decision-making. Time is money. By accelerating some processes, your firm can improve decision-making and save money.