Trial technology consultant
As any trial attorney knows, what works in theory doesn’t always translate to success in the courtroom. A slam-dunk case can turn into a loss simply because jurors didn’t understand your evidence or disliked your expert witness. Understanding the nuances of juror psychology takes time and experience. That is why our trial technology consultants can be so valuable in the courtroom. They have served in various litigation venues across the country – from jury and bench trials to arbitrations, mediations, and a variety of hearings – and know firsthand what it takes to deliver a winning courtroom presentation.

How Our Trial Technology Consultants Aid You in the Courtroom

  • We provide you with a variety of presentation techniques – As any communicator knows, people need to see or hear information seven times before it sinks in. In order to keep the information from becoming repetitive and boring, it is necessary to present the information in a variety of formats. Our trial consultants help develop trial graphics, animations, and other demonstratives that reinforce your case narrative while keeping jurors engaged.
  • The latest courtroom technology, tailored to your needs – As part of our trial support services, we provide our clients with all the high-tech resources and cutting-edge equipment necessary for a dynamic courtroom presentation. This includes video projectors, document cameras, interactive displays, audio amplifying equipment, touchscreens for digitally marking evidence, and much more. Never worry about outdated or broken equipment again: our state-of-the-art equipment is meticulously maintained. Our trial technology consultants tailor each setup to meet the individual needs of the case as well as the spatial limitations of the courtroom. We are also the only company to offer a complete “mobile office” for the courtroom, allowing you to print, scan, and handle remote documents via the Internet, ensuring you will always have the information you need when you need it.
  • Expert support in the courtroom – It is difficult to effectively present your case and deploy demonstrative exhibits at the same time. Pausing to key up a video or getting distracted while looking for the correct slide disrupts the flow of your presentation and can cause the jury to form an unfavorable opinion of you. Our trial technology consultants run the equipment for you, seamlessly executing your presentation. They are able to select, display, and annotate video clips, exhibits, and demonstratives on the fly. This ability to adapt at a moment’s notice comes from ample training and experience.

For Outstanding Courtroom Support, Choose Precise

With decades of courtroom experience, our trial technology consultants help you deliver powerful presentations utilizing the latest courtroom technology. We’ve collaborated with large legal teams as well as small firms, helping them level the playing field through sophisticated presentations and affordable technology solutions. To learn more about our trial consulting services, call us today at 866-277-3247.