For over 16 years, Precise’s fleet of trial support services in Philadelphia have been providing legal teams with the solutions they need at an affordable price. We believe that access to game-changing technology shouldn’t be limited by the size of your firm or the scope of litigation. We will help you leverage our expertise and implement cost-efficient solutions to give you the competitive edge.

Digital Forensics

In our increasingly digital world, digital forensics is becoming a critical component in most litigation, especially in intellectual property disputes. We offer both basic e-discovery and extensive digital forensics investigations. We are able to process large amounts of data in a timely and cost-effective manner by using two review platforms to streamline workflow and sort electronically stored information quickly.


Animations are the most effective way to communicate information to a jury, especially information that is hard to understand. Animations can bring the jury to the scene of an incident or allow them to see things invisible to the naked eye (such as the inside of a mechanism or the inner workings of the human body.) Our animations can be used both in the courtroom or during pretrial negotiations to work out a settlement. We can also create interactive animations that allow you to highlight specific areas and elements of a scenario.

Trial Consulting

For over a decade, Precise has been helping attorneys succeed in the courtroom by creating sophisticated digital trial presentations. Our Philadelphia trial consultants work closely with you and our internal team of professionals to create dynamic presentations that fit your legal and courtroom strategies. They also manage all of the technology and Precise-provided equipment you need for a dynamic multimedia courtroom presentation.

Our newest tool in this field is Predict, a jury research tool that applies the science of statistics to litigation to predict results. You can take your case for a “test drive” and see how potential jurors respond to your case narrative and key facts and issues. You can read more about Predict here or fill out this form to request an example report, complete with case narrative, survey questions, and summary of results.

Graphics and Medical Illustrations

In medical malpractice cases, it can be difficult to communicate clearly to the jury the scope of an injury or how a doctor’s negligence caused the present pain and difficulty. With our expert Philadelphia medical illustrators, we can help you communicate difficult medical jargon clearly to the jury.

Precise: Providing Premier Trial Support Services in Philadelphia

At Precise, we are committed to treating every client as if they were our only client. We want to create long-term relationships, not just turn a quick profit. If you are looking for an experienced partner who can take your courtroom presentations and strategies to the next level, contact Precise today.