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Back in the mid 90’s, the American population got a front row seat to courtroom proceedings through the televising of O.J. Simpson’s murder trial. Since the majority of Americans will never serve on a jury, this offered citizens a rare chance to see opening and closing statements, witness testimony and cross-examinations, and evidence presentation. Even for “the trial of the century,” demonstrative evidence was limited to blown up crime scene photos displayed on posterboard, timelines written on large drawing pads, and 2D recreations of the crime scenes.

Fast-forward two decades, and now even low-profile trials feature animations, interactive video depositions, and digital graphics as part of their courtroom presentations. Yet even with an abundance of trial support services, NY attorneys often resort to outdated methods of trial presentation. This is typically due to a misconception that trial support services are expensive, unnecessary, or unwieldy. But with Precise’s trial support services, NY litigators can gain a competitive edge in the courtroom without breaking their budget.

Taking Advantage of Trial Support Services – NY

At Precise, our expert trial support services begin with our trial consultants. They take on a project management role, working closely with you to understand the framework, direction, and scope of your case. They then direct our internal team of professionals to create and deliver the demonstratives and technologies that fit your legal and courtroom strategies most effectively. They oversee the development of trial exhibits, ensuring they are completed on schedule, as well as eDiscovery, incorporating new evidence as it is uncovered and adjusting exhibits as needed. Additionally, our consultants manage all of the technology and Precise-provided equipment necessary for a dynamic multimedia courtroom presentation. With decades of expertise behind them, our trial presentation experts can help you avoid common presentation mistakes and add a fresh perspective to your trial preparation.

Our legal support services also include:

For Expert Trial Support Services in NY, Choose Precise

In an increasingly technological world, it behooves litigators to incorporate the latest tools and technologies into their courtroom presentations. Precise’s team is here to help litigators transition into the brave new world of trial presentation, combining legal experience with multimedia expertise to offer you the most advanced trial support services. We’ve collaborated with large legal teams as well as small firms in various litigation venues across the country. If you need expert trial support services for your next case, call Precise today at: 866-277-3247.