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Project management is common in business, as companies find numerous benefits in having an experienced person to oversee the course of a project. At Precise, we feel that legal teams should also enjoy the ease of mind that project management provides. Every step of the way, Precise’s experts will ensure you have everything you need for a powerful courtroom presentation.

Pittsburgh project management follows the same series of steps for legal teams as for Fortune 500 companies:

  • Project initiation
  • Project planning
  • Project execution
  • Project monitoring
  • Project close

Project Initiation

Our Pittsburgh project manager sits down with you and gets to know the scope and nature of your case. They will assess your needs and start mapping a plan of action. They will also discuss trial preparation solutions with you, including Predict, our jury research tool, and our eDiscovery managed services. With Predict, you can take your case for a test drive, refining your case narrative and pinpointing areas that could benefit from demonstratives. Our eDiscovery managed services help you streamline your workload and can reduce your eDiscovery costs by up to 50%.

Project Planning

Once the framework of the case has been constructed, your Pittsburgh project manager can help you start filling in the details. With your case narrative and strategy in place, you can now begin choosing demonstratives and technologies that will aid your courtroom presentation. The project manager organizes and communicates with Precise’s in-house experts, making sure everyone is on the same page. They will also make sure your budget is being put to its most effective use.

Project Execution and Monitoring

This is when your project plan is put into action. Precise’s Pittsburgh project manager will make sure everyone is on track and will quickly identify and solve any problems that arise. They will also keep you apprised of how the various aspects of case preparation are progressing, from developing demonstratives to organizing courtroom equipment. While much of the process can be handled exclusively by the project manager, medical illustrations and animations need your involvement to ensure they are meeting your expectations and goals. Luckily these rarely require face-to-face meetings and can be easily accommodated to a busy schedule.

Project Close

In the business world, once final work has been turned in the project is over. But with Precise’s Pittsburgh project management, we go into the courtroom with you. We provide all the equipment you will need for your courtroom presentation along with one of our experts to operate the equipment. For us, the project isn’t over until the verdict is in or a decision has been reached.

Choose Precise as Your Pittsburgh Project Management Company

For the last 17 years, Precise has been helping legal teams with powerful solutions at affordable prices. Precise has the experts you need: from trial consultants to digital forensics examiners to medical illustrators. Call us at 866-277-3247 for more details about our Pittsburgh project management services.