Trial presentation technology
Technology in the courtroom has come a long way: a few decades ago, a VCR and overhead projector were considered high tech. Now juries expect lawyers to give them a sleek multimedia experience. Adding visuals to your case emphasizes key points and increases jury retention and comprehension, but those aren’t the only benefits trial presentation technology offer.

Unexpected Benefits of Trial Presentation Technology

  1. Enhanced evidence – Depositions reach a new level of clarity with picture-in-picture technology. This allows evidence to be displayed on the screen while the deponent interacts with it via a telestrator (the same technology used by NFL commentators and meteorologists). Trial graphics can also bring clarity to complex processes – such as how a piece of machinery operates – and medical illustrations – such as x-rays at CT scans.
  2. Rapid editing – It is not uncommon for portions of exhibits or depositions to be redacted before they can be shown to the jury. Our trial presentation technology experts can edit photos and videos on the fly, preventing unnecessary delays. They can also call up, edit, and highlight documents. With a full mobile office in the courtroom, you can access important documents via the internet, eliminating the need to search out a fax machine or printer.
  3. Impeaching witness testimony – Another benefit of our mobile office is the ability to retrieve documents and evidence at a moment’s notice. It is much more effective to cross-examine a witness right away with damning evidence then to request a recess to prepare. In certain cases, such as accidents, trial animations can be powerful tools for refuting witness testimony. These recreations can show that it was physically impossible for the witness to observe what they claim to have seen, or that it is scientifically impossible for what they “saw” to have occurred.
  4. Peace of mind – Every courtroom is different: some have state of the art equipment while others are lucky to have a DVD player and working TV. With Precise’ trial presentation technology experts, you never have to worry about being unprepared. We put together a customized set-up that meets the needs of your case, set up the equipment, and run it during trial. You can have confidence that, no matter what the case throws at you, your technology is in capable hands.

Precise Offers State of the Art Trial Presentation Technology

For the last 17 years, Precise has been providing law firms with reliable, affordable technology services. We help you prepare for trial and stay with you until the jury returns their verdict. For more information on our trial presentation technology services, call us today at 866-277-3247.