Trial presentation specialist

As any seasoned attorney knows, preparing a case involves hundreds of hours of work, from reviewing evidence and doing research to interviewing witnesses and preparing exhibits. Technology can help streamline some of this workload, but modern technology is evolving at such a rapid pace that staying abreast of the latest tools, equipment, and software is in itself a full-time job. Hiring a trial presentation specialist ensures you will have all the courtroom technology solutions your case needs, as well as expert support to make sure everything runs smoothly.

What Does a Trial Presentation Specialist Do?

Trial presentation specialists help with key litigation tasks, including:

  • Trial preparation – Trial presentation specialists work closely with your team to understand the framework, direction, and scope of your case. They help assess the strengths and weaknesses of the case and can recommend fresh strategies based on data, expertise, and precedent.
  • Preparing evidence and demonstratives – Our experts organize and prepare the documents, video, and other evidence that will be used at trial. We enhance the presentation of these materials by creating video clips, annotating documents, and improving visual quality. They also create powerful demonstratives – such as trial graphics, medical illustrations, and animations – that fit your legal and courtroom strategies.
  • Courtroom equipment – At Precise, we provide our clients with all the high-tech resources and cutting-edge equipment necessary for a dynamic courtroom presentation. This includes video projectors, document cameras, interactive displays, audio amplifying equipment, touchscreens for digitally marking evidence, and much more. Our trial presentation specialists tailor each setup to meet the individual needs of the case as well as the spatial limitations of the courtroom. We are also the only company to offer a complete “mobile office” for the courtroom, allowing you to print, scan, and handle remote documents via the Internet.
  • Support in the courtroom – It is difficult to present your case and deploy demonstrative exhibits at the same time. Pausing to key up a video or getting distracted while looking for the correct slide disrupts the flow of your presentation and can cause the jury to form an unfavorable opinion of you. Trial presentation specialists have the necessary training and experience to execute your presentation seamlessly and to select, display, and annotate video clips, exhibits, and demonstratives on-the-fly.

Precise: Award-Winning Trial Presentation Specialists

“We hire Precise for all of our trials and we are always the smoothest, most organized lawyers in the courtroom.” – Precise Trial Client

When it comes to trial presentation specialists, there is no substitute for real courtroom experience. Our team has served a broad range of clients in various litigation venues across the country, from arbitrations and mediations to jury trials, bench trials, and a variety of hearings. For expert support at your next trial, call Precise today: 866-277-3247.