Trial presentation services

When it comes to jury trials, litigators today face unique challenges that would have sounded like science fiction just 30 years ago. From combating the CSI effect to trying to hold attention spans less than that of a goldfish, jury trials have increasingly become an uphill battle.

While technology started these problems, it is also offering the solution. There has been a steady rise in the use of animations and video in the courtroom. But how can a lawyer be effective while still keeping up with the latest technology? Trial presentation services can help overwhelmed lawyers keep their heads above water by giving them an expert ally in the courtroom.

The Benefits of Using Trial Presentation Services

  • Seamless trial presentations – It is hard to deploy demonstrative exhibits effectively and present your case at the same time. Pausing to key up a video or getting distracted while looking for the correct slide disrupts the flow of your presentation and can cause the jury to form an unfavorable opinion of you. As part of our trial presentation services, Precise not only provides all the courtroom equipment you need, but one of our experts will run the equipment, ensuring a stress-free delivery.
  • Keep the jury focused – With attention spans shrinking, it is hard to keep jurors focused on the key elements of your case. This is particularly true if your case involves detailed processes or concepts  that are difficult to grasp. Well executed visuals not only hold jurors’ attention; they have been shown to increase both comprehension and retention of information. Animations can show jurors the inner workings of machines or recreate an accident from multiple angles. Person-in-person video depositions allow witnesses to interact with the exhibits on screen, helping jurors better follow the testimony.
  • Convenience – As part of our courtroom setup, we offer a complete “mobile office.” This gives you the ability to scan, print, and handle remote documents via the Internet, ensuring you will always have the information you need when you need it. We can also sync depositions to transcripts, allowing us to edit on the fly, create clips, and provide seamless courtroom playback.

Precise: Trusted Trial Presentation Services Since 2001

Trial presentations are often the culmination of months or years of work. With Precise’s trial presentation services, your hard work won’t go to waste. We work closely with you to understand the scope of your case so that we can create and deliver the demonstratives and technologies you need for a dynamic courtroom presentation. For more information on our trial presentation services, call us today at 866-277-3247.