Trial presentation consultant

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed during trial preparation? Do you have a hard time juggling your own case prep with overseeing the development of trial exhibits and execution of eDiscovery? Then it is time to enlist the help of a trial presentation consultant from Precise. With years of legal experience and management skills, our trial presentation consultants will take the pain and frustration out of trial preparation.

Preparing a Case is Like Conducting a Symphony

As a relatively new asset to the legal world, many litigators do not know what, exactly trial presentation consultants do. A trial presentation consultant’s role in a case can best be likened to that of a musical conductor. Conductors must be able to simultaneously direct the performance of multiple singers or musicians. They ensure the various sections play and sing in unison, complementing each other and contributing to the overall performance.

Likewise, a trial presentation consultant takes on a project management role, directing the various professionals involved in the case. They oversee the development of trial exhibits, ensuring they are completed on schedule and complement the case narrative. They can also oversee eDiscovery, incorporating new evidence as it is uncovered and adjusting exhibits as needed. Additionally, they make sure that the courtroom is equipped with all the technology necessary for the presentation.

Conductors are also responsible for setting the tempo of the piece, ensuring that each section plays their part at the correct time, and shaping the overall tone of the piece. Their goal is to = interpret the composer’s work accurately. For a trial, the lead attorney is the composer. The trial presentation consultant works with them to understand the overall scope of the case and how each element contributes to the overall theme. The consultant can then direct the development of the various graphics, animations, and exhibits to capture the lead attorney’s case narrative accurately.

The tempo of trial presentation is just as important as the tempo of a musical piece. Jurors don’t want to be bored to death by a dirge, nor do they want to be overwhelmed by a frenetic bumblebee-inspired tune. Trial presentation consultants carefully craft trial exhibits so that you can control the flow of information to match the pace the jury is comfortable with.

Conduct Your Masterpiece with Precise

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