Trial presentation company

The goal of every litigator is to deliver a smooth, relaxed case presentation. This helps to put jurors at ease and gives them confidence in your expertise as well as your evidence. A trial presentation company can help you avoid some of the most common presentation mistakes while providing you with the tools and assistance necessary to deliver a powerful and effective case presentation.

The 5 Most Common Trial Presentation Mistakes

  1. Not enough preparation – Presentations that appear effortless are the result of days or weeks of rehearsing. Knowing your information backwards and forwards helps you be more relaxed in your presentation and roll with the punches when things don’t go exactly according to plan. Hiring a trial presentation company to assist with things such as developing demonstratives, videotaping depositions, and setting up and running courtroom equipment free up valuable time for you to prepare your presentation.
  2. Focusing on exhibits instead of your audience – Sometimes a speaker can get so absorbed in their presentation that they forget about interacting with their audience. Eye contact is one of the most important elements of public speaking: it establishes a personal connection and helps to keep people engaged. Running the technical aspects of your presentation yourself automatically pulls at your concentration and can make your interactions with witnesses and jurors come across as distracted or inauthentic. At Precise, we offer courtroom technicians who oversee the technical execution of your presentation, taking care of background details such as annotations, editing, and even accessing and retrieving documents via the Internet.
  3. Too much exposition – There is no benefit to using 10 sentences to communicate what you could have in two. Being concise in your delivery of information keeps jurors from developing “mental clutter” from extraneous data. Well-crafted trial graphics from a trial presentation company help you to keep your presentation on track and focused on just the most important elements. In the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt, “Be sincere, be brief, be seated.”
  4. Using ineffective or confusing visuals – Well-executed trial graphics add value to your case by enhancing your case narrative and boosting juror understanding and retention of evidence. But graphics that are cluttered with too much text, have hard-to-read graphs, or contain unnecessary and distracting elements, can end up having a negative impact on your presentation. With a trial presentation company, you gain access to skilled graphic artists who know how to craft clear, powerful, persuasive demonstratives that will add depth and clarity to your case.
  5. Being unfamiliar with your technology or venue – While most courtrooms are starting to provide presentation equipment, there is no guarantee that they will have the exact equipment that you need or know how to operate. Purchasing and setting up your own equipment is expensive and time-consuming, and it can be difficult to stay ahead of technological advances. As part of Precise’s litigation support services, we provide you with all the equipment you need for a dynamic courtroom presentation, as well as an expert technician to set up and run the equipment.

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