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Since the dawn of time, people have been telling stories. Nothing holds our attention and imagination like a good story, and it is one of the best ways for us to convey information. For example, if I wanted to describe my uncle to you, I could give you a bunch of facts (height, age, eye color, occupation, etc.), or I could tell you stories about him. Which do you think would give you a better understanding of who he is? Obviously, stories would paint a much more vivid picture than a list of facts ever could, and you could recall a story about a stranger much more easily than hair color.

The same idea applies to case presentation: if you present your evidence as a coherent, engaging narrative rather than a compilation of facts, jurors will have a much easier time understanding and recalling the information. By incorporating trial graphics, Washington, D.C. attorneys can enhance their narratives and deliver more effective trial presentations.

A study by the London School of Business shows just how powerful stories can be. The study found that people’s level of information retention changed based on how the information was presented to them.

  • When presented with statistics alone, they retained only 5-10% of what they heard.
  • When the statistics were coupled with a related picture, retention jumped to 25%.
  • But when stories were used to convey that same information, retention jumped to 65-70%.

This is because stories engage both sides of our brain, providing facts to the left brain and appealing to the emotions of the right brain. When we attach an emotional response to information it can become easier to remember. Just think back to an important day in your life – such as your wedding day or the birth of a child – and you can probably recall vivid details that you would have otherwise forgotten (such as the weather or what you had for breakfast).

Pictures Help Tell A Story

While printed book sales are generally on the decline, there is one exception: graphic novels. This format pulls in over $1 billion in sales annually, and demand is steadily increasing. The appeal lies in the fact that pictures communicate intricate details that are hard to capture with words alone. As they say, “a picture is worth 1,000 words.”

Trial graphics are an invaluable tool in a litigator’s arsenal, vividly depicting scenes, intricate processes, chains of events, and more. They can capture more information in one memorable slide that would take several minutes to communicate verbally. Trial graphics also enhance witness testimony and help jurors recall key information during deliberations. Well-executed trial graphics can mean the difference between winning or losing a case.

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