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In theory, trying a case is a straightforward endeavor. You lay out your evidence, your opposition lays out theirs, and then a jury evaluates the evidence and determines an outcome based on the law. However, anyone who has ever been involved in a trial knows that even the simplest case is deceptively complex. If jurors fail to understand your evidence or the scope of your case, a slam dunk case can turn into a stunning loss. With trial graphics, New York attorneys can be sure they are communicating their case narrative effectively and that jurors will comprehend and retain key information.

What Trial Graphics Bring to the Table

  1. Show moving parts and processes – Imagine you have an expert on the stand explaining a complex molecular process or how to properly intubate a patient. How well do you think the jury will grasp that information? By pairing expert testimony with a trial animation, jurors can see what is invisible to the naked eye and create a vivid memory to draw on during deliberations.
  2. Give jurors a complete view of objects and locations – Animations can also be interactive, allowing you to move virtually around a space, viewing the animation from multiple angles. Additionally, with interactive animations you can add or remove elements, allowing you to present multiple scenarios or draw attention to specific details.
  3. Demonstrate spatial relationships between people and objects – How far were they from the intersection before they started applying their brakes? How high was the ladder they fell from? Where was a witness standing when an accident occurred? Trial graphics provide jurors with an accurate visual depiction of the scene, rather than relying on their imaginations to interpret the facts.
  4. Highlight key information – In order for jurors to fully grasp and retain the key evidence of your case, you must repeat the information multiple times. You also want to vary how you present the information to keep jurors from tuning out your message and to provide them with striking visuals to attach to your case. With trial graphics, New York attorneys can keep jurors attention and focus it on what’s important.
  5. Control time – Sometimes the key event of your case comprises a matter of seconds, such as a car accident. Being able to slow down that event and examine the scenario moment by moment, as well as show it happen in real time, can help jurors gain a deeper understanding of your case.

Add Value to Your Case with Trial Graphics – New York

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