Trial graphics Chicago

Some litigators underestimate the value that quality trial graphics bring to a case, and as a result they compromise on the quality of their demonstrative evidence in order to lower costs. However, trial graphics are far more than just pictures on a screen: done correctly, trial graphics can take your case to the next level. At Precise, we believe that superior litigation support shouldn’t be relegated to those with the biggest war chests. With our trial graphics, Chicago attorneys can add value to their case without breaking their budget.

How Do Trial Graphics Benefit Your Case?

  1. Support your case narrative – A case narrative helps jurors grasp the scope of your case and gives them a lens through which to view evidence and testimony. An effective case narrative provides jurors with a framework that allows them to process information, assign importance to evidence, and ultimately decide a verdict. An experienced litigation support team designs trial graphics that reinforce your case narrative to achieve maximum impact.
  2. Promote understanding – A successful attorney uses all the tools in their arsenal to ensure jurors understand, retain, and recall information accurately. Trial graphics are one of the best tools for relating information. Up to 65% of the population are visual learners, and jurors are increasingly accustomed to receiving their information electronically. Visual aids are also invaluable for adding clarity to expert testimony or complex evidence.
  3. A fresh perspective – Introducing a new set of impartial eyes into a situation is always beneficial. Our trial graphics team may notice an aspect of the evidence that was overlooked, or be able to draw out or highlight certain elements of the case because their perspective is different as an outside observer.
  4. Insight into juror behavior – Our staff are highly experienced in juror psychology, including how jurors view and process visual information. From font size and background colors, to perspective and formatting, each element of our trial graphics is carefully designed to boost juror understanding and retention of the information. We can produce interactive animations or progressive graphics that help control the flow of information. Interactive animations can also present multiple scenarios or views from one platform for a smoother presentation.
  5. Expert support – Our trial graphics team are experts in their field: from skilled animators to medical illustrators, they have the artistic and legal knowledge necessary to produce powerful trial graphics. They are familiar with the rules and protocols governing demonstrative evidence and create persuasive trial graphics that can be admitted into evidence.

For Superior Trial Graphics, Chicago Attorneys Turn to Precise

Trial graphics add value to every case, from medical malpractice suits to intellectual property disputes. For unmatched trial graphics in Chicago, call the experts at Precise today: 866-277-3247.