Trial graphics Atlanta

Thanks to technology, today’s jurors, judges and mediators have never had higher expectations or shorter attention spans. In order to capture and focus their attention, you need to incorporate powerful litigation animations and trial graphics into your case presentation. At Precise, our highly skilled trial graphics team can create tailored demonstratives, forensic animations, and certified medical illustrations that help you clearly and effectively communicate your case. With our sophisticated trial graphics, Atlanta attorneys can be confident that their presentation will be understood, no matter how complex the case or intricate the subject matter.

Samples of Our Superior Trial Graphics – Atlanta

Trial graphics Atlanta

This trial graphic provides a timeline of a patient’s progress, rapid decline, and surgeries across multiple care facilities and doctor’s care. It incorporates a wide array of correlating data into one, easy-to-read format, allowing jurors to absorb a large amount of information from one succinct presentation.

Trial graphics Atlanta

Understanding the details and intricacies of a medical procedure is hard for jurors without a medical background, as they can have difficulty picturing what the medical expert is describing or grasping technical terms. With medical illustrations tailored to your specific case, you can give jurors a clear visual of the injuries or procedures being discussed.

Versatile Trial Animations

Whether you need to show the sequence of events that lead to an auto accident, demonstrate a chemical process, or reveal a machine’s inner workings, 3D trial animations can give jurors a realistic image of an otherwise unobtainable view. Animations bring evidence to life, immersing jurors in the case matter through highly detailed models and photorealistic textures, and leaving them with a high level of understanding. Well-crafted animations can also be used to persuade settlements and mitigate trial costs.

Trial graphics Atlanta

We even offer interactive animations so that you can show multiple scenarios and their corresponding outcomes. In the sample above, we recreated a car crash, then provided two scenarios of the same accident with different conditions to demonstrate how the road’s construction impacted the crash. Interactive animations can be used for product liability cases, worker’s compensation cases, and medical malpractice suits.

State-of-the-Art 3D Volumetric Renderings

Trial graphics Atlanta

Precise is proud to offer interactive, high-definition 3D volumetric renderings of radiology studies. These renderings can include:

  • 3D segmented modeling
  • Real time annotations
  • 3D region clipping for focusing on specific regions
  • And much more

These 3D exhibits can be packaged as stand-alone videos for use in depositions, trials, or demand packages.

Win Cases with Precise’s Trial Graphics – Atlanta

Trial graphics help to bring the details of your case to life, whether it is making complex surgeries understandable, showing how a collision could have been avoided, or memorably illustrating a victim’s experience. For compelling trial graphics, call the experts at Precise: 866-277-3247.