Oftentimes the outcome of a trial can hinge on the testimony of an expert witness. When the critical evidence in a case is outside the scope of the average juror – whether it be a medical procedure, a chemical process, or an accident recreation – expert testimony is necessary to ensure jurors understand the importance, authenticity, and impact of the evidence. Trial consulting firms ensure your expert witness’ testimony is communicated to the jury clearly and effectively.

How Trial Consulting Firms Benefit Expert Witness Testimony

  1. Overcome availability conflicts with video depositions – On occasion, an expert witness may not be able to attend the trial due to distance, conflicting schedules, or a physical or medical reason. Video depositions can be recorded at the witness’ convenience, ensuring his or her testimony will be available when you need it. By recording the deposition on video, you also capture the witness’ tones, inflections, and non-verbal responses (shrugs, nods, gestures, etc.), which add depth and clarity to the testimony. Our interactive depositions use picture-in-picture technology which allows jurors to see the deponent interact with exhibits in real time on a single screen for greater comprehension.
  2. Reduce the cost of expert witness testimony – Video depositions can also ease the burden on your trial budget. Expert testimony is often crucial to a case, but compensating the expert for his or her time and travel costs can get expensive quickly. With a video deposition, the expert’s testimony is delivered in a fraction of the time, and can be used at any time in the proceedings (even during closing arguments or jury deliberations) without needing to recall your witness. You also don’t risk scheduling conflicts or mounting costs if there are delays or postponements.
  3. Choosing the right expert – Trial consulting firms such as Precise are experts in jury psychology. They can help you gauge the effectiveness of witnesses and their impact on the jury. Your witnesses may be an expert in the field, but if he or she doesn’t strike the right chord with the jury, it can negatively impact your case. Trial consultants help you understand how jurors will react to a witness’ testimony so that you choose the expert that brings the most value to your case.
  4. Tailor demonstratives to witness testimony – By working with a trial consulting firm, you also gain access to a highly skilled team of medical illustrators, graphic artists, and trial animators. They can work closely with your expert to develop demonstratives that highlight key elements of the testimony. Being involved in the development of the exhibits also allows the expert to engage with them naturally during testimony.

Precise: Your Trusted Trial Consulting Firm

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