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Some lawyers see trial consultants and jury research as unnecessary: they feel that they have all the experience and insight necessary to effectively present their case. Others believe few reliable conclusions can be drawn from jury research when, in fact, it can be one of the most beneficial tools for constructing case narrative. Precise’s Wilmington trial consultants use their experience to bring your trial preparation to the next level.

Five Ways Trial Consultants and Jury Research Can Help You Prepare For Trial

  1. Theme development – Jury research allows you to test multiple narratives, providing invaluable insight into what themes will and won’t work with a potential jury. Mock trials are expensive and time consuming, so we created Predict, a jury research tool that uses statistical analysis to determine probable jury outcomes. With Predict, you get all the benefits of a mock jury without the time commitment and for a fraction of the cost.
  2. Message clarity – It is easy to develop lines of information that are tangential to your main narrative, evaluating documents for their own sake rather than for how they benefit your case. Our Wilmington trial consultants will help you pare down documents and information to that which fits your case narrative. We also utilize Predict to determine whether information influences a jury or simply distracts and/or confuses them.
  3. Development of visuals – Our Wilmington trial consultants work directly with your legal team and our internal team of professionals to create videos, animations, and graphics that will enhance your trial presentations. Our expert artists know what it takes to craft visuals that are both persuasive and admissible in court. Visuals are extremely beneficial in helping explain complex processes to a jury.
  4. Juror attitudes – Predict gives you insight into what demographics are likely to look favorably on your case and which ones are not, information that is key during jury selection. Jurors who are on your side can act as your “advocates” on the jury during deliberations. It also gives you insight on which presentation tactics to employ and which ones to avoid.
  5. A unified presentation – Often a legal team has differing ideas on how to present a case. By testing multiple themes during jury research, you can see which approach or combination will work best. You also have the added benefit of an impartial, third-party trial consultant whose only interest is in helping you put together the best possible presentation.

Precise: Leading the Way in Jury Research in Wilmington

At Precise, our mission is to help legal teams manage litigation in a defensible, cost-efficient manner. We specialize in trial support services for both plaintiff and defense attorneys in local and federal courts across the country. Put our Wilmington trial consultants’ experience to work for you: contact Precise today.

(For more information on Predict, including sample research, fill out the form here. For immediate questions, contact Paul Null at 866-277-3247 x105 or nullp@precise-law.com.)