One of the most common areas our digital forensics team is tasked with investigating are employment matters, though any legal dispute can benefit from having a skilled forensics team.

A digital forensics expert can help retrieve hidden or hard-to-find data while simultaneously preserving evidence to ensure admissibility. As you may know, a digital forensics team can assist with multiple types and sources of data, including:

  • Communications via email, mobile messaging, or third-party apps
  • Recreating timelines of device- or specific-file activity
  • Recently accessed, modified, or deleted data
  • Data collection from personal devices to corporate servers

If you or someone on your team is tech-savvy, you might be tempted to perform some digital forensics tasks in-house. However, the dangers of self-collection are numerous, including:

  • Unintentionally corrupting data, resulting in inadmissible evidence
  • Missing locations containing relevant data
  • Failure to find information that could make or break a case
  • A lack of credible testimony about what the data represents

Though it may be tempting to engage in self-collection, the risk of encountering problems or compromising a case is high. To ensure data is collected in a forensically sound manner, we highly recommend working with a digital forensics expert who can not only facilitate proper data collection, but also testify on the collection methods.