Even highly educated people can be tripped up by medical jargon. Rare medical conditions, complex surgical procedures, and disease progression can all be difficult to explain with words and drawings alone.

By creating detailed graphics that illustrate this information in a clear visual medium, you can ensure that the narrative you wish to communicate is understood by every juror, regardless of their background.

Medical illustrations can serve a valuable purpose at any stage of your case, whether in settlement demand, mediation, or trial. When introducing a complex topic, or setting a tone, or if you need to simplify an especially complicated testimony by an expert witness, illustrations and demonstratives will help you get your points across.

In addition to our full-time in-house Certified Medical Illustrator, Precise has an archive of over 5,000 stock medical illustrations. By combining these resources, Precise can deliver top-quality medical illustrations and demonstratives with significant cost savings in a variety of cases, both large and small.

Along with creating detailed and realistic imagery, we can also supplement the visuals with animated videos and timeline progressions so the jury will be equipped with both a memorable set of facts and a comprehensive visual presentation of those facts. Instead of relying on cognitive ability alone, you’ll have the compelling demonstrative tools to help deliver your message unambiguously.


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