Tackling Remote Litigation – Presenting your case amid COVID and beyond.

Watch the Replay Now. (Originally presented on Thursday, March 18th, 2021 2PM EST)

How are you going to educate and connect with jurors through a webcam or from 75 feet away? Whether conducting a remote jury trial or presenting your case in a socially distanced courtroom, your visual communication strategy is more important than ever.

In this upcoming free seminar, Paul Null will demonstrate how attorneys are advocating for their clients by creating persuasive presentations, all created entirely remotely: from demonstrative exhibit development to jury research to interactive depositions and mediations.

In this presentation, Paul will discuss:

  • Case presentation amid COVID and beyond
  • Coordinating and executing remote interactive depositions
  • Remote jury research and case analysis without traditional mock trials
  • Developing compelling graphics and animations for digital presentation
  • Preparing for remote and socially-distanced mediations and trials
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