Sophisticated Mobile Devices and eDiscovery

The ins and outs of forensic cell phone examinations

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As digital devices (particularly mobile phones) have become more sophisticated, the ability to access and retrieve information has become more complicated. In some instances, deleted data that was once easily retrievable may no longer be possible to restore. This webinar explores the common misconceptions about what forensics experts can access with mobile devices and dives into what is possible and practical for discovery in your cases.

During the webinar, our team will address the following frequently asked questions:

  • How does the unavailability of a passcode affect the accessibility of a device? 
  • What happens to the data when a device is wiped or reset? 
  • Can deleted data be accessed or analyzed? 
  • Can email be recovered from a mobile device? 
  • What kind of data can be extracted from third-party apps? 
  • How does the subpoena process typically work for third-party phone records?
  • Is it ever safe to self-collect data?