Litigation is a costly endeavor by itself, but if electronically stored information (ESI) is involved, the costs can become prohibitive. According to industry estimates, digital forensics can eat up 60-80 percent of a matter’s entire litigation budget. Faced with these astronomical costs, clients may be forced to settle a case they feel they could otherwise win because it doesn’t make financial sense to continue.

Many litigants use the cost and burden of ESI as a weapon against the other side. They may demand vast e-discovery parameters from their opponents in an attempt to force a settlement. Or they may use a “data dump,” where they hand over huge numbers of files and force the other side to frantically comb through the data in a very limited time frame. Small law firms and solo practitioners often lack the staff, resources and expertise to handle extensive ESI and digital forensics.

Clients face similar dilemmas: companies of all sizes face small litigation matters they could win, but it doesn’t make financial sense to defend these “junk cases” when the costs would not be proportional to the amount at stake.

Digital forensics has become too expensive and complicated for all but the largest law firms or for the biggest, most strategic cases. This should not be the case. Matters should proceed based on their merits, not whether they involve extensive digital forensics.

At Precise, we believe that the use of technology can level the playing field regardless of the size of your firm or the scope of your litigation. Our digital forensics experts in Philadelphia can help you tackle cases even when the amount of ESI involved seems overwhelming.

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No matter the magnitude of your case, Precise can efficiently and accurately support massive volumes of ESI from a variety of diverse data types. Our certified digital forensic experts in Philadelphia work with you to identify, collect, analyze, cull, and retrieve all – and only – potentially relevant ESI. We guide you to the hard-to-find sources of critical information that can often win your case, while helping you avoid unnecessary spoliation risks associated with improper collection of data. Our Philadelphia digital forensics services also include expert reports and testimony.

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At Precise, we believe that the use of technology should not be cost-prohibitive. Our Philadelphia digital forensics experts collect and sort ESI in a timely and cost-effective manner. Don’t turn away cases because they have extensive ESI: contact Precise today.