On September 17th, 2016, Precise was a sponsor of Walkatop, an urban hike in Pittsburgh, PA, for a third consecutive year. The event is organized by the Thomas Brown Alton Foundation to raise funds to support the foundation’s mission of “helping those in need, toward improved mental health.”  This year’s event raised over $13,000.

Several Precise employees and their families took part in this year’s event throughout Emerald View Park, a unique green space situated above the city. Trekkers received a map of seven hiking trail routes rated by degree of difficulty for self-guided tours as well as the option to take a guided hike with a local expert of urban nature spaces.

“My wife and I had never been to these trails before,” said Frank Kochin, Esq., a trial consultant at Precise. “We were glad to participate in the event and support a good cause.”

Trial Consultant Frank Kochin’s wife, Megan, and their daughters at Walkatop.

The location of the park and trails provide spectacular views of downtown Pittsburgh and the city’s West End allowing for a morning of invigorating exercise as well as a chance to reflect upon the foundation’s central focus of suicide prevention.

“We’re proud to support the commendable mission of the Thomas Brown Alton Foundation through our sponsorship of Walkatop,” said Sean Dennin, CEO of Precise, Inc. “The hiking event is well organized and enjoyable. Many of our employees are avid adventure seekers, so participation in the hike is a real benefit that we appreciate as well.”

Pete Mansmann (center), of Precise, Inc., with members of his family at Walkatop.